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Celtic Dubstep Music

Percussion Mallets Reimagined


Mallets are an integral part of tuned percussion, but on the surface, there do not seem to be any rules. There's a light end and a heavy end. The shafts can be made of plastic or wood; the ball of the mallet could be foam, wood, rubber, or some other plastic composite. With all of the choices, the weight ratio seems to come down to player preference. What are you trying to do with these mallets, anyways?

You want to create music; perform; be a dynamic and competent musician that can play reliably; appear as a spectacle for your audiences;...

Bagpipe Showdown: Acoustic vs. Electric

I've played acoustic pipes for 20 years, and electric pipes for 2 years. I'll touch on all of the advantages and disadvantages that this new technology has shown me and why I appreciate both acoustic and electric pipes.

Why I Left Competitive Piping


I have met so many of you; shook your hands; exchanged glances at the line (or the beer tent); walked past as the other was competing in solos...

But no longer. I have the memories; a fat stack of judges sheets and a box full of trophies and medals; the echoes of praise and criticism and camaraderie. Fellow bandsmen and women; judges; band parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren; you are a truly massive family with a common love for all things Highland. I'll visit, but I do have to leave.

Pipe Band,

As big a family as...

Bring Your Performance To The Next Level!

Bring Your Performance To The Next Level!

 LED Drum systems, LED bagpipes, LED Bass Mallets, LED Tenor Mallets, LED Sporran...The journey of one musician to make their ancestral instruments more exciting for the world to enjoy is a great journey indeed. See how I got started