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Bring Your Performance To The Next Level!

I have put together a few really exciting accessories for you all! Not that you don't know that already, as you're on my site, but I just wanted to tell you more about it.

I was really determined to put together a pipe band that does contemporary music in Vancouver, BC. I bought a tenor, snare, and bass drum, and was writing music for covers of pop music (Imagine Dragons, Alt-J, Pentatonix, Evanescene, Linkin Park,...fun stuff). 

Anyways, I wanted to deck out my instruments as much as possible. I've seen fire and pyro bagpipes before, but wanted to go in a different direction. Getting insurance to play indoor shows with fire isn't always the easiest thing, so I headed for LED lights. 

Pro Business Tip: If something doesn't have fire or LEDs associated with it, you've got a business opportunity. Wisdom of a raver ;)

Anyways, I've made this really cool LEDs with a battery that goes inside your bagpipe's bag cover. They connect to your smartphone, and the lights can be programmed to react to your microphone, or move to music on your phone among other features.

So these are expensive to make, but I wanted something that was

1) made with good quality

2) did not scratch/damage the bagpipes

3)with a long lasting battery

4)and customizable lighting options ( not just mono colour)


I have now played dozens of shows with these and they have been SO well received :)

I shared them on social media, and BOOM! 50+ SHARES later, I thought, I have to be the one to make these; it only makes sense. These are who I am; a hilarious but impressive eccentric accessory of music.


So then we had to do drumsticks. I had the help of my lovely crafty friend Jacy sew some prototype coverings for what was originally just foam wrapped around a dowel. I went through several prototypes and the end result was quite something! I've done both tenor and bass mallets:

Both with mono or multicolour LEDs and long faux fur toppers, these are not your average mallets. The bass mallets are exceptionally large in comparison to competitive mallets, and the shafts of the tenor sticks are actually 3D printed with our logo engraved! 

They have been thoroughly tested and are performance ready, with batteries that are easily replaceable and last up to 30 hrs :)

I then thought, 'why stop here?', so I used the same technology I created the bagpipe lighting with and adapted it to RGB waterproof strip lighting that has adhesive and a width perfect for drum heads without interfering with the tone or damaging the drums!

 .                    .                


Making these sound reactive as well was the best decision I ever made :D They are SO much fun to play and totally make the show. You can hate bagpipes but you can't hate big drums, and these are crowd pleasers, let me tell you hahahahaha. It's been incredible putting these in front of an audience and watching them light up more than the drums do!


And for science and because I don't stop, I did my sporran as well:


Here's all of them in action!



I'll be finding lots of innovative ways to incorporate lights and fun into our traditional instruments...not to mention brand new music! Just stay tuned! I'll make sure to keep you in the loop :)

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    That looks sick live the idea.

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