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Toots & Booms is dedicated to providing quality, performance based instruments and accessories. LED Bagpipe Drone Systems, LED Bass Mallets, LED Tenor Mallets, the list continues to grow as we continue to experiment and invent.


Callum Mathers, Owner of Toots and BoomsI have played bagpipes competitively for about 20 years now.

While taking a break from the competition circuit, however, I discovered the joy of performing in a non competitive setting.

I want to give more than a standard performance to my friends and family. I want to bring Scotland to the forefront of the live music scene. I want young people to find our concerts, parades, and shows and say, "WOW! I LOVE what they are doing! Can I be a part of that?"

Give people what they don't yet know they want. Light up their faces. Make them laugh. Take the initiative on what it means to be an elite performer.

Let's make pipe and drums the coolest thing the world has ever seen.


Callum Donald Mathers

Founder, Toots & Booms