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2020 Pre-Order Synchronized Bagpipe Drone System

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Our custom handmade LED Bagpipe Drone system with controllable LED lights are the perfect addition to your bagpipes to step up your performances! Program your own combinations of lighting directly from an app on your smartphone with presets that include 7 colour cross-fading, switching, strobe, pulsing, and more.

Highly customizable

  • Set the lights to react to your piping, or to sync with an audio backing track.
  • Controlled through an app on your smartphone
  • Take a pictures of your tartan and use the color match option to make the lights match it!
  • Battery pack powered (included), can last for dozens of hours.

Great for bands

Take your band's performance to the next level with this amazing product!


Fulfillment may take some time, as these are built to order, and we may have to order components upon receiving your order.

This product does require installation; full instructions will be included with your purchase.